Top Areas of Environmental Reform in Trump Era

The Environmental Law Institute this week issued a new report identifying where the action is going to be in the Trump Administration with regard to environmental policy.  Here is ELI’s list of those areas – the report can be found in its entirety ELI Report – Reg Reform in Trump Era:

  • FACT SHEET 1: Reversing or Revising Executive Orders and Actions
    • ACTOR: President
  • FACT SHEET 2: Undoing Presidential Actions Protecting Public Lands and Resources
    • ACTORS: President, Congress
  • FACT SHEET 3: Fast-Tracking Projects That Require Federal Approval
    • ACTORS: President, Council on Environmental Quality, Department Secretaries, Congress
  • FACT SHEET 4: “Cancelling” the Paris Agreement on Climate Change
    • ACTORS: President, Senate
  • FACT SHEET 5: Reversing or Revising Agency Regulations, Generally
    • ACTORS: Federal Agencies, Department of Justice, Congress
  • FACT SHEET 6: Invalidating Recent Agency Regulations Under the Congressional Review Act
    • ACTORS: Congress, President
  • FACT SHEET 7: Implementing the New “Two-for-One” Executive Order on Federal Regulations
    • ACTORS: Office of Management and Budget, Federal Agencies
  • FACT SHEET 8: Rolling Back Public Lands Plans
    • ACTORS: President, Department Secretaries, Congress
  • FACT SHEET 9: Cutting Back on Federal Enforcement of Environmental Law
    • ACTORS: EPA, Department of the Interior, and other Federal Agencies; Department of Justice
  • FACT SHEET 10: Defunding Federal Environmental Protection Programs
    • ACTORS: Congress, President, Federal Agencies
  • FACT SHEET 11: Preempting State Environmental Protection Requirements
    • ACTORS: Congress, Federal Agencies, Courts
  • FACT SHEET 12: Subjecting Agency Regulations to Additional Cost-Benefit Analysis
    • ACTOR: White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs
  • FACT SHEET 13: Enacting New Procedures for Federal Regulation
    • ACTORS: Congress, President
  • FACT SHEET 14: Enacting New Constraints on Citizen Enforcement of Environmental Law
    • ACTORS: Congress, President


Brent Fewell

Brent Fewell

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