Our Professionals

We are more than Lawyers.

At Earth & Water Law, we are more than lawyers – we’re strategic advisors with unique experience who advance our clients’ interests across a broad range of environmental and business platforms. We believe in big visions and big solutions without big legal bills.

We employ strategic, forward-looking approaches to solve emerging legal and policy issues that pose both potential liabilities and opportunities. We take great pride in understanding our clients’ business and helping craft winning solutions, whether it’s creating a simple legal document or developing a comprehensive plan to integrate sustainability across operations.

We have an array of clients, ranging from local governments and ad hoc groups to corporate startups and multinational corporations. We’ve learned from experience that, regardless of who you are or where you come from, taking a preemptive approach to coordination with government agencies, industries and e-NGOs will often achieve favorable results without resorting to contentious and costly legal battles.

And while we firmly believe in putting collaboration ahead of litigation, we will vigorously defend our clients and their positions when called upon to do so.

Earth & Water Law is a virtual business, providing you with great expertise without the added costs of traditional firms.

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We are headquartered at 1455 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Suite 400, Washington, DC 20004
and can be reached at (202) 280-6362 or info@earthandwatergroup.com.

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