Government & Regulatory Affairs

Legislative Strategy

Advancing Complex Issues
E&W convened a group of the most active and important organizations in the water and public works sectors to develop and promote a set of legislative proposals to provide transformative change in the funding and regulating of U.S. water infrastructure.Under E&W’s direction, the coalition developed a legislative package which focused on three main areas designed to revitalize much needed water infrastructure throughout the over 53,000 entities which provide our nation’s water: (1) funding; (2) innovation; and (3) removing barriers to investment and better management.Led by E&W’s professionals, these advocacy and outreach efforts have gained not only traction and support in both houses of Congress, but have expanded to become key components of infrastructure initiatives in various Executive Branch bodies, including the White House.

Coalition & Issue Management

Bringing Innovation to Environmental Policy

With the support of U.S. water utility, finance, and infrastructure organizations, E&W launched a membership-based coalition to help meet our nation’s growing water infrastructure needs. The exchange is structured as a virtual and physical platform to share intelligence and insights to better leverage the use of private and public capital for water utilities while promoting innovation across the sector.

E&W’s professionals built off existing efforts to create a singular platform focusing on four key areas:

(1) Blending of public and private financing to undertake long-term financing in the water sector;

(2) Supporting design of sustainable and resilient water infrastructure to assure security, access, treatment and reuse of water;

(3) Encouraging technology and business model innovations to “leap frog” water system development;

(4) Fostering better regulatory and legal frameworks that will facilitate greater investment and engage the collective resources of finance, technology, and infrastructure in the water sector.