Sharing and Shaping the Future of EHS2 Compliance

Sharing and Shaping the Future of EHS2 Compliance

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“Sharing and Shaping the Future of Effective EHS2 Compliance” was the theme of Earth & Water Group’s EHS2 Spring Roundtable attended by EHS leaders from over 15 organizations on April 18 in Washington. E&W Spring Newsletter offers more details and insight into EHS2 compliance, regulatory trends, and enforcement risks.

Recognizing that 2017 is shaping up to be a year of many changes and opportunities, the April 18 Roundtable focused on bringing EHS2 members up to speed on the new Administration’s enforcement and compliance directions. Attendees also had the chance to learn about the increasing role of States in the federal regulatory processes affecting EHS programs, as well as hearing about various environmentalist-focused plans to challenge emerging aspects of Trump Administration EPA activities.

Guided discussion leaders and presenters at the April 18 EHS2 Roundtable featured Alexandra Dunn, Executive Director & General Counsel of the Environmental Council of States; Susan Bodine, Chief Counsel of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works; Jeff Kupfer, Co-Founder of Starling Trust; and Eric Schaeffer, Executive Director of the Environmental Integrity Project.

Jeet Radia, Chair of EHS2 and Senior Vice President for Environment, Health and Human Resources of McWane Industries facilitated a lunch-time discussion with members on future programs and outreach activities of EHS2. The next planned roundtable for EHS2 is September.


EHS2 is a forum for senior EHS leaders to come together to address current and emerging legal, technical and operational risks and challenges they face across all regulated sectors and their supply chains. EHS2 is designed to address not just the “here and now” of EHS issues, but also the “tomorrow” of effective EHS leadership. Additional information on EHS2 can be found on the Earth & Water Group homepage,, or by contacting Ken Maynard at

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