EPA Introduces the Trump Political Team

EPA’s leadership this week introduced the Trump political team in an email from Chief of Staff, Ryan Jackson.


From: Message from the Chief of Staff
Sent: Tuesday, June 27, 2017 12:07 PM
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Subject: Introducing

EPA Political Appointees

Dear Colleagues,

Last weekend marked the 120th day since Administrator Pruitt’s swearing-in as the 14th EPA Administrator. I appreciate the welcome from so many of you as the Administrator had the opportunity to visit each of the program offices during his first two weeks here. Thank you for your continued welcome as the Administrator has brought additional faces into the agency.

I believe it is important to provide you with a listing and the responsibilities of the new team that has joined EPA to fill positions in the Office of the Administrator and program offices. Some additional staff, including Assistant Administrator and Regional Administrator appointees, will join as we move forward. There likely will be a few changes in responsibilities, but I wanted to provide you with a description of the new staff we have been privileged to welcome to EPA.

As always, thank you for your work, and I continue to look forward to our future work together at the EPA.

Ryan Jackson

Chief of Staff

Office of the Administrator

  • Henry Darwin, Assistant Deputy Administrator and Chief of Operations
  • Byron Brown, Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy
  • Kevin Chmielewski, Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations
  • Alex Dominguez, Policy Analyst
  • Nicholas Falvo, Special Assistant
  • Hayley Ford, Deputy White House Liaison
  • Sarah Greenwalt, Senior Advisor for Water and Cross-Cutting Initiatives
  • Mandy Gunasekara, Senior Advisor for Air and Radiation
  • Michelle Hale, Executive Assistant to the Administrator
  • Millan Hupp, Director of Scheduling and Advance
  • Albert “Kell” Kelly, Senior Advisor to the Administrator
  • Forrest McMurray, Special Assistant for Scheduling and Advance
  • Madeline Morris, Executive Scheduler
  • Charles Munoz, White House Liaison
  • Ken Wagner, Senior Advisor for Regional and State Affairs

Office of Policy  

  • Samantha Dravis, Senior Policy Counsel to the Administrator and Associate Administrator for Policy
  • Brittany Bolen, Senior Deputy Associate Administrator for Policy
  • Daisy Letendre, Senior Advisor for Policy and Strategic Communication
  • Will Lovell, Policy Assistant
  • George Sugiyama, Senior Advisor for the Office of Policy

Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Relations

  • Troy Lyons, Associate Administrator for OCIR
  • Layne Bangerter, Senior Advisor to the OCIR
  • Tate Bennett, Deputy Associate Administrator for Intergovernmental Relations
  • Preston Cory, Special Assistant to the DAA for Intergovernmental Relations
  • Christian Palich, Deputy Associate Administrator for Congressional Relations
  • Aaron Ringel, Deputy Associate Administrator for Congressional Relations
  • Christian Rodrick, Special Assistant to the DAA for Congressional Relations
  • Kaitlyn Shimmin, Special Assistant for OCIR

Office of Public Affairs  

  • Liz Bowman, Acting Associate Administrator for Public Affairs
  • Lincoln Ferguson, Senior Advisor for the Office of Public Affairs
  • Amy Graham, Deputy Associate Administrator for Public Engagement
  • James Hewitt, Special Advisor for Public Affairs
  • John Konkus, Deputy Associate Administrator for Public Affairs
  • Jahan Wilcox, Strategic Communications Advisor

Office of the Chief Financial Officer  

  • Holly Greaves, Senior Advisor to the Administrator for Budgets and Audits
  • Kristopher Green, Special Assistant for OCFO

Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance

  • Patrick Traylor, Deputy Assistant Administrator for OECA

Office of the General Counsel

  • Erik Baptist, Senior Deputy General Counsel
  • David Fotouhi, Deputy General Counsel
  • Justin Schwab, Deputy General Counsel

Office of Water  

  • Lee Forsgren, Deputy Assistant Administrator for the Office of Water

Office of Land and Emergency Management         

  • Patrick Davis, Deputy Assistant Administrator for OLEM
  • Veronica Darwin, Senior Advisor for Land and Emergency Management

Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention

  • Dr. Nancy Beck, Deputy Assistant Administrator for OCSPP

Office of Research and Development

·         Dr. Richard Yamada, Deputy Assistant Administrator for ORD

Brent Fewell

Brent Fewell

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