Earth & Water Joins Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay’s Businesses for the Bay "B4B" to Promote Restoration of the Bay

Earth & Water Joins Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay’s Businesses for the Bay "B4B" to Promote Restoration of the Bay

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Earth & Water Group is excited to join as a founding member of Businesses for the Bay (B4B), an inspiring new initiative by the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay that encourages businesses within the Chesapeake Bay watershed to take voluntary and measurable actions to support protection and restoration of the Chesapeake Bay and help the public understand the valuable role of the business community in sustaining the health of the Chesapeake Bay.  Earth & Water joins as a founding member, along with Luck Companies, Lockheed Martin, Smithfield Foods, Ecologix Groups, and InClime.

In a statement made by Brent Fewell, Chairman of Earth & Water Group, “We at Earth & Water are very excited to join Businesses for the Bay. We could not think of a better way to support the continued restoration of the Chesapeake Bay by collaborating with other forward-thinking companies and communities.”

Why B4B?

Businesses throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed can play a critical role in protecting and restoring the Chesapeake Bay and its watershed through Businesses for the Bay. Businesses for the Bay is a membership association that provides businesses with a forum where they can make their voices heard and learn and share best practices, facilitates employee environmental stewardship volunteer opportunities, and recognizes and promotes each business’ environmental efforts that are important to them, their customers, and their communities.

The Chesapeake Bay is the largest estuary in the United States. 17.5 million people live in the watershed and it filters over 75% of the drinking water for people in the watershed. It’s where we work, live, and play. It’s health is inextricably linked to our own. However, our impact on the Chesapeake Bay watershed has been tremendous. The Bay is dangerously out of balance and the long term health of the Chesapeake Bay is in question. Improving the health of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries is a top priority for everyone in the Watershed. Businesses for the Bay provides the Chesapeake business community with a unique opportunity to take recognized action.

Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay

The Alliance has more than 40 years of experience leading, supporting, and inspiring local action to restore and protect the lands, rivers, and streams of the Chesapeake Bay watershed. With staff in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., the Alliance focuses on local streams and rivers, that ultimately determine the health of the Bay.  What makes the Alliance different than all other NGOs is its collaborative approach to the Bay restoration efforts, encouraging communities and businesses to engage in environmental stewardship.   The Alliance is a neutral voice, building partnerships with diverse groups. It advocates for a healthy environment, but the Alliance does not litigate or lobby.

If you are interested in joining B4B, please contact Corrine Stephens at

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